As Rockland County Executive, Ed Day has delivered on his promises.  His successful platform is guided by simple and fundamental principles of good government.  Ed calls it his “Three-Legged Stool.”

Fiscal Responsibility

County government has a responsibility to ensure that tax dollars, whether collected locally or conveyed through state and federal grants, are used to their greatest potential. Sound fiscal planning must look beyond political cycles and coordinate a comprehensive strategy for growth to ensure the sustainability of Rockland County and ensure taxpayers receive the greatest value for their tax dollars.

As County Executive, Ed Day has made the tough decisions to stabilize Rockland’s finances.  Through prudent budgeting, investing in our community’s well-being and focusing on improving our county’s infrastructure, today we’re living in a healthier, more robust Rockland County.

With a commitment to action, Ed has cut Rockland’s inherited 2013 deficit by approximately 90% – from $138 million to $10 million – in just three short years.  As a result, the major rating agencies have noticed the dramatic turnaround, giving Rockland County five consecutive upgrades, marking the first time in more than a decade the county has been assigned a bond rating in an A category.

Ed Day believes that fiscal responsibility is as much of a moral duty as it is an economic concern.  The choices we make today – or fail to make – will determine what kind of future our children and grandchildren inherit in just a few short years.

Ed Day: a good steward of tax dollars!

Job Creation and Economic Growth

One of the most important roles of government is providing a framework for local economic growth. Economic development is much more than simply courting businesses from other areas. It includes investments in infrastructure, education and fiscal policies that encourage businesses to come, stay and become active participants in the community.

In 2017, Rockland County recorded the lowest unemployment rate in the Hudson Valley and among the lowest in New York State – 25 percent lower than it was when Ed took office.

Under Ed Day’s leadership, the county has cut government spending to 2008 levels, right-sized the public workforce and proposed executive budgets which have produced millions of dollars in annual surpluses.

Ed Day’s active and focused economic development effort will ensure our future growth and sustainability.

Since 2014, the Day Administration has restored the level of service the citizens of Rockland County deserve and expect from their government. Working with various partners including the Rockland Economic Development Corporation, the Rockland Business Association, the Industrial Development Agency and the U.S. Small Business Association, Ed Day has reinvigorated a very important municipal function for the betterment of our community as a whole, that of economic development facilitator.

Ed Day has a track record of delivering results for Rockland County!

Preserving Rockland County

Neighborhoods are the glue that hold our community together. Rockland County is blessed with many strong neighborhoods that work every day to maintain and enhance their communities. Working to ensure these neighborhoods maintain their character and have a strong voice in their future is critical to long-term vibrancy.

Rockland County also has areas that suffer from the effects of blight, loose zoning and weak code enforcement that have caused them to fall into a state of disrepair.

As County Executive, Ed Day is aggressively pushing back against developers and landlords motivated by greed and those who ignore the laws of the land.  Launched in 2015, the Rockland Codes Initiative, with its “Worst Landlord Watch List” and countywide Multiple Dwelling Rental Registry, has made great strides in forcing compliance and enhancing public safety.

In May 2017, County Executive Day issued a sweeping Executive Order aimed at blocking irresponsible development.  The Order withholds key permits for critical services (sewer, water, health, etc.) if Rockland town or village officials fail to adhere to General Municipal Law, which includes compliance with County recommendations on matters such as zoning and subdivisions.

As part of his nonstop community engagement, Ed Day also has rallied residents to be empowered to take back their neighborhoods from negligent property owners. Ed knows that citizens must have a strong voice in the development of their neighborhoods so they can work together to enhance quality of life.

Ed Day will continue to unite Rockland County behind the common cause of opportunity and prosperity for all of us!