Healthy Homes, Healthy Families

Healthy Homes, Healthy Families

As I have said time and again, the health and safety of all residents in Rockland County is the highest priority of my administration. Surveys have found that while citizens know public health is important to them, they aren’t always exactly sure what it is or how it has touched their lives.

Here in Rockland we are bringing county services to the community, making it more accessible for our residents. The Healthy Neighborhood program, created by our Department of Health, is designed to help families reduce health and safety risks at home. Best of all, it’s free for low to moderate income families and seniors.

During home visits program staff review a wide variety of healthy homes issues; including carbon monoxide poisoning and prevention; smoke detector installation and use; radon testing; even asthma concerns and solutions. They go over the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, check carbon monoxide levels in the home, and review the correct placement of carbon monoxide detectors.

Last year they distributed 451 Carbon Monoxide Detectors and over 700 Smoke Detectors; making the lives of our residents significantly safer. You can contact the Healthy Neighborhood Program for a no cost home visit to address any health or safety concerns you have at (845) 364-3292.

Our Department of Health has also put in place a new way to deliver flu shots, in the community. They traveled to Spring Valley, Haverstraw, New City, Nyack and Suffern.

All told they provided over 1500 flu shots where they are needed most. While the nation faces a near flu pandemic, our Health Department’s tireless work certainly is a big reason why we have been relatively unscathed, with Rockland having the 4th lowest rate of flu compared to the other 61 New York counties.

This year we are facing a more serious strain of flu than usual and the Health Department is still providing shots at our Pomona Campus. I urge you to schedule a flu shot if you have not done so already. It’s not too late.

Thank you to our Rockland County Health Department professionals who work every day to ensure the safety and well-being of our communities. I want to recognize the important and crucial work performed by these men and women and raise awareness among the public of the importance of public health. It’s truly impressive how you have not only maintained but improved our services despite difficult fiscal conditions.

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