Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo Soldiers

Every year during February we present the Buffalo Soldiers Award to an outstanding African-American veteran who resides in Rockland County. A “Buffalo Soldier” is the nickname first given to members of African-American cavalry regiments of the U.S. Army who served in the western United States from 1867 to 1896, noted for their courage and discipline.

This week I had the honor and privilege of presenting the 2019 Buffalo Soldiers Award to United States Army veteran Lewis Green. The freedoms we enjoy today would not be possible without the bravery of men and women who served our nation like Lewis. He embodies the American spirit and dedication to service. His commitment to his family, church and his spirit of volunteerism is a true testament to his character.

Born and raised in Rowland, North Carolina he moved to Spring Valley in 1964. He was drafted into the US Army in 1966 and served in Vietnam. During his time in Vietnam he earned the Certificate for Distinguished Service in the US Armed Forces, Vietnam Service Medal, Distinguished Service Medal, Victory Medal and Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal.

Upon returning home Lewis attended Mercy College where he earned a degree in Business Administration and later joined the St. Charles AME Zion Church in Sparkill. He is well-known there and has received numerous awards and certificates for his work as a Youth Director and Christian Educator.

But Lewis’ contributions stretch far beyond Rockland County. After Hurricane Katrina, he traveled to New Orleans to help flood victims rebuild their homes. He’s spent years volunteering at the Bowery Mission in NYC feeding the homeless. And more recently he raised $2000 to help families affected by Hurricane Matthew’s flooding in North Carolina. Even traveling there during the week of Thanksgiving to help serve food to families at a church in the area.

Lewis Green is committed to improving the well-being of all people and it was my pleasure to be able to recognize how he served his nation at home and abroad. We thanked Lewis for his bravery and his continued service to our residents. And I was extremely proud to see his name listed among the proud African-American men and women who have been named to the Rockland County Buffalo Soldiers over the past 25 years.

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