COVID-19 Update – September 23

COVID-19 Update – September 23

Our weekly update on COVID-19 and we are most proud of our new active case map. It affords all the current information regarding COVID-19 and allows us the ability to immediately identify and respond to upticks and clusters of new COVID-19 cases which is addressed in the video.

Watch the video from September 23, 2020.

Rockland County has now been in Phase #4 for well over two months as part of the FORWARDNY reopening plan. More industries are being brought on board with limitations, while others such as theaters and billiard parlors are still shuttered with no end in sight. Restaurants have followed the rules, as have catering facilities, and there has been NO attribution of infections to these industries. With the coming cold weather, outdoor dining will not be an option much longer and we are urging the Governor to make a decision to increase capacity allowances.

We are fighting for those industries, along with the local people who both own and patronize these establishments and that have demonstrated they can open in a manner consistent with Rockland’s motto … “Safety First, People Always”… and are still on the sidelines. Good news … some traditional Fall activities such as hayrides, apple picking and Halloween “Trick or Treating” have been cleared.

We will continue to work to obtain some plan from the Governor’s office so we all have a better idea of how we will be truly going “ForwardNY”. That was the State’s promise … that is my expectation.

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