Endorsements from Organizations

Rockland County PBA
Ed Day Endorsed By Rockland County PBA

New City, NY – County Executive Ed Day received the endorsement of the Rockland County Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.

The endorsement spoke to Day’s positive working relationship with the County’s law enforcement as reason for the support.

“You have proven to be always accessible and willing to work with the law enforcement community in our County.  This is something we greatly appreciate,” Chris Kiernan, President of the PBA said.

“I am honored to have the endorsement of my brothers and sisters from the Rockland PBA.  The men and women serving in law enforcement in Rockland work hard to keep our citizen’s safe and I look forward to continuing to work with Rockland’s finest,” Day said.

The Rockland County Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association was founded in 1966 and represents the men and women of the following local police departments: Clarkstown, Orangetown, Piermont, South Nyack-Grand View, Spring Valley, Stony Point, Suffern and the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office Patrol and Civil Divisions.

Emerald Society

Ed Day Endorsed By Emerald Societies

New City, NY – County Executive Ed Day received the endorsement of the Grand Council of United Emerald Societies. The nomination committee of the society voted to endorse Day in his bid to seek re-election as Rockland County Executive.

“It is the opinion of the Grand Council of United Emerald Societies that Ed Day has the experience, integrity and proven track record to represent our members, and the people of Rockland County as County Executive. We are proud to offer you our support” wrote Frank O’Keefe, President of the Grand Council of United Emerald Societies

“I am delighted to receive the endorsement of the United Emerald Society and look forward to serving them and all residents of Rockland County for another four years,” Day said.

The Grand Council of United Emerald Societies is a fraternal organization comprised of over 20 Emerald Societies throughout the New York region, representing a membership totaling nearly twenty thousand strong.


Teamsters Local 445

County Executive Ed Day nabbed the endorsement of the Teamsters Local 445, the largest local union in the Hudson Valley.

In the endorsement, Barry Russell, Principal Officer of Local 445 noted Day’s record during his first term as the reason for supporting his bid for re-election.

“Local 445 knows how important this election will be to our members and the labor movement and, as such, we recognize your support in the local labor force. With your proven record, we are proud to offer you our support,”

“I am happy to have the support of the Local 445 and all of their members. I look forward to the opportunity for another four years and continuing to put Rockland back on the right track and fighting for all the hard working people of Rockland County,” Day said.

Teamsters Local 445 is the largest local union in the Hudson Valley and represents working people in all facets of employment in both the public and private sector.

NYS Supreme Court Officers

Ed Day Endorsed By NYS Supreme Court Officers

County Executive Ed Day received the nod of the New York State Supreme Court Officers Association (SCOA) in his bid for re-election as Rockland County Executive.

SCOA President Patrick Cullen referred to Day’s dedication to helping others during his accomplished career in law enforcement and as a public servant.

“Your ardor for duty and service is manifest throughout your life and work and makes the Association proud to endorse you for re-election to thr post of County executive of Rockland,” the endorsement reads.

“I am proud to have the endorsement and confidence of SCOA and look forward to continuing the good work we have started as County Executive,” Day said.

SCOA represents 2,500 members both active and retired throughout New York State.

9-11 Cops

County Executive Ed Day received the endorsement of the 9-11 Cops Association.

In the endorsement, the organization referenced Day’s record over last four years as County Executive stating, “you have stabilized the county finances by creating tremendous economic growth through a smaller, et smarter county government.”

The endorsement, given by Lt Tony Zeoli on behalf of association, goes on to commend Day’s service as a retired police officer. “You have also dedicated your entire life in service to your community. First as an esteemed member of the NYPD, rising to the prestigious rank of of Detective Commander and then upon retirement you continued your community service, this time to the people of the City of Baltimore as their Chief of Detectives, you have always put yourself in service to those who are in need,” the endorsement states.

“I am please to have the endorsement of my brothers from the 9-11 Cops Association. I also praise each of the members of the organization for all of their brave service, especially their work on and during the days following the tragic attacks on September 11th,” Day said.

The 9-11 Cops Association is an affiliation of active and retired Police Officers made up of assorted ranks from various Police Departments throughout the tri-state area, with a large contingent being Rockland County residents. The majority of our members share in a unique kinship of having spent time at Ground Zero in New York City as part of the massive search, rescue and recovery operation after the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks.

Building Construction Trades Council - Rockland County

County Executive Ed Day received the backing of the Rockland County Building and Construction Trades Council.

In their endorsement Council President, John Maraia, Jr. wrote, “[The Council] is pleased to endorse your candidacy for Rockland County Executive and we look forward to working with you and supporting your efforts.”

“I am very pleased to have the support and backing of the Rockland County Building and Trades Council and the skilled and hard working people who make up their membership,” Day said.